To. Dear Pi INU holders on 2024 Pi-day

Pi INU celebrates Pi Day with Pi INU holders.

However, as we approach Pi Day 2024, Pi pioneers supporting the Pi Network cannot be blessed without an open mainnet.

This year's gift for Pi Day is the price of Pi coin as expected by the Pi INU team. It is painful yet realistic.

As of today, the general price of Pi coin is expected to be between $0.1 and $10 after listing. It may occasionally reach $3.14.

Of course, Pi pioneers reading this will be seriously disappointed. They may even consider us opponents rather than supporters of the Pi network.

However, true fans have an obligation to present facts rather than contribute to empty criticism.

1. The circulation is 100 billion. A market cap of $1 trillion at $10 per coin. The locked supply is the supply that isn't traded in the market and is not burned. It can be released by the development team without prior notice. Thus, it's proper to consider the total circulation.

2. Wouldn't a coin price of $10 provide enough liquidity during actual trades? The coin price itself doesn't provide sufficient value appreciation ability for liquidity. High prices might restrict real-world use due to price limitations.

3. Isn't it a positive move that various apps are being prepared in the Pi Network ecosystem? This is the fundamental problem hindering the progress of the Pi Network project. Through several hackathons and responses from the Pi Core team, its limitations have become apparent. Without partnerships with large online retailers and electronic payment systems, it cannot succeed. The more rigidly the Pi Core team acts, the more likely major companies are to leave the closed Pi network and partner with various other promising cryptocurrency projects. The superiority of the Stellar network? That's a thing of the past, and there are now many better solutions. It's likely to be used only as a payment method for large online shopping malls and travel sites at much higher prices than market prices.

4. Is it realistic for the price to fall below the IOU price? IOU is a "futures" market without sellers of physical goods. In fact, millions of poor pioneers are preparing to sell as soon as they are listed. Unlike typical cryptocurrency markets where each contributes funds to form a trading market, the Pi network has no "pre-deposited funds." Unlike USDT issued with actual dollar currency as collateral, USTC issued with Luna coins as collateral has suffered price collapses. The point where investors start evaluating the future of the Pi network and investing money is when many pioneers have sold and the price has bottomed out.

5. In most markets of wealthy Western countries, the Pi network is still considered a Ponzi scheme. Among high-income countries, only Korea, Japan(recent), US/China(a very small portion excluding the poor) support it. It still exists only in the imagination of low-income country's poor people who find it difficult to invest with their own capital.

6. So, what actions should we take? We should look at the Pi network from an academic, experimental perspective like Dr. Nikkolas. Of course, it's not blockchain technology, but a powerful centrally controlled social network with "only servers decentralized." The greatest advantage of the Pi network is that it has no more or less (free)users, which actually has great potential. Pi coins themselves will not dramatically change your life but will be a slight bonus. If money is the goal, it's the right approach to invest in derivatives such as meme tokens, which have no value but a clear concept, to inflate the market cap. When the mainnet opens, Pi coins will reach a realistic price, and Pi INU will also have a realistic market cap.

7. To commemorate Pi Day, we will distribute 10,000,000 PINU to 50 people. 'Retweet' the X's post and 'Leave your wallet address' below. Will this token, equivalent to about $4, surpass the value of 1 Pi coin on the open mainnet? It will be an interesting game.

Act wisely. And if you strongly believe that the Pi network will not completely fail and disappear, buy Pi INU Token now.