CryptoCube Competition(Play to Earn)

Operating Rules

1. This app shares an account with CryptoCube.
2. The prize money is paid only with a Pi INU Mining APP, so be sure to use the same as Pi INU Mining ID's e-mail address.
3. If you use multiple accounts on one device, personal data may be in error.
4. Purchased Coin data may not be loaded immediately. In this case, if you log in again several times, the data will be restored.

End time:
March 30 , random time

1st: 100 million PINU
2nd: 70 million PINU
3rd: 50 million PINU
4th ~ 10th: 10 million PINU
11th ~ 20th: 5 million PINU
21st ~ 30th: 1 million PINU

※ You can apply for withdrawal of more than 15 million PINU

(Without in-app purchases)