"Pi INU, let's become the best meme in China" event (Feb.2023~)
“Pi INU,让我们成为中国最好的模因”活动(2023年2月~)

Comment (or POST) the following phrase on one of weibo, douyin, or xiaohongshu, and submit the captured image to admin@pi-inu.com,
在微博、抖音或小红书上评论(或发布)以下短语,并将捕获的图像提交至 admin@pi-inu.com


2021 年以来,Pi network的“第一个”原始模因,Pi INU。在韩国/美国/日本/越南特别受欢迎!也可以百度一下!https://pi-inu.com


5,000,000 PINU will be given Presented to more than 100 people / Continued until the end
将赠送 5,000,000 PINU 赠送超过 100 人 / 持续到最后