Welcome to Pi INU NFT Auction House !


We will pre-distribute to 5 contributors who promoted this project in Korean community, and bid for the remaining quantity.

A total of 3 types x 14 were minted.

The number of bids is 3 x 8 each.

Successful bidders are determined in the order of the highest PINU amount of each type, and will be notified via Twitter/email.

If payment is not made on the day of the announcement (1 day), the next person will be selected.

The winning bid amount can only be paid with PINU, and the entire amount will be credited to Mine for the Mining App.

Until 9am on the July 31st London time

※ If it is significantly lower than other bids, the bid may not be processed ex officio.

The PINU T-Shirt commemorative NFT(by Korean community) was minted.