Operating Rules

1. Miners mine the PINU amount of the Reserves of resources concept accumulated in the 'Mine wallet' (0x3e2BC...A714f7). Withdrawal will be made on a first-come, first-served basis until the amount collected in the mine wallet is exhausted.
2. The resource reserve of MineWallet will be continuously supplemented by the Pi INU team. (NFT bidding, D'app, Donation, Banner Ad, etc.)
3. One account per person. If the use of illegal methods is confirmed, withdrawals will not be made. (Simple-KYC may be considered)
4. Withdrawal claims are aggregated on a monthly basis and paid out the following month. Withdrawal request can only be made all / once, and the account will be terminated upon submission of withdrawal request.

How to Mine

1. Prepare before joining : Gmail account, PINU(BEP-20) Wallet address (Can't be changed forever)
2. Sign up (e-mail verification required)
3. Click the Mining button once every 24 hours to mine. Time is not counted in real time to prevent the remaining time from being manipulated arbitrarily. When you sign-in, you can see how much time is left.
4. More referrals, faster mining speed (Limited, Limited amount is undisclosed to prevent illegal case)
5. When the balance reaches a certain amount, you can claim it (request withdrawal).


This is a competition, so
We will NOT change your PINU Address or find your ID(Please give up the amount of mining, make a new account)

For security and fair play
We will NOT restore when you failed mail verification(Please make a new account by using another gmail)

Pi INU Mining